‘Entity’ artwork for Nexus book publication



At this years Urban Art Fair, I was approached by Pete Trainor – author and director of Nexus, the human centred design company.

He really thought the style of my work would sit nicely alongside the ethos of his forthcoming book entitled ‘HIPPO – The Human Focused Digital Book’

After a few discussions we reached an agreement, and the first run of the book will feature the digital collage ‘Entity’. The first run is due for release this Autumn 2016.

About the book:

‘From London to Laos, Mumbai to Manchester, Nunavut to Nairobi, digital has crept into our lives and so deeply has it penetrated us, that it has completely redesigned it. Hill stations in Nepal’s Himalaya, desert posts in Africa’s savannahs, in the deep oceans and the high sky’s, technology is now as elemental in our landscape and as much a part of the ether as the wind and falling rain. It’s not going to stop.

Due to the natural breath of evolution, and the way civilisations progress, we are about to zip-line, and thus: observe more change in the next ten years, than of the last hundred. But how do we stop this accelerating transformation from eroding away our good qualities? Our humanity? The answers rest in the design process, but when has philosophy and psychology ever been considered in the design stage of digital?

Revisiting the fundamental questions, and incorporating the philosophical fields as well as finally considering the biological ramifications of digital design, we are able to press pause and re-evaluate our direction, and re-align with a course – one that is in flow and is able to cater toward our potential as people, encourage us on, through… and into the beyond. Keep consuming? Or become active? Enlightenment or entitlement? The choice is still ours.’