Unilever – Wallace Space


Brief: An install for Unilever, displaying new and current products, to be built into an existing room in the Wallace Space, Clerkenwell, London.

The aim was to give the space a clinical feel, incorporating LED screens into parts of the walls and linear shelving with alcoves displaying products.

The glass tables were a later addition in the process.


Version 1: Main perspective of event space

Unilever V4 lux:mens

Version 2: After a change in some elements of the original design, this view shows how products would be displayed in Radox and Lux areas. The addition of an LED wall can also be seen here, along with coloured glass basins.

Unilever V4 Main View 3

Version 2: Perspective showing LED wall and built in screens into the curved wall.

Below shows 3 stages of the process – from initial vector model, to 3D render to finished build.

Unilever 3-Step