Focus LDN Winter Exhibition 13-17 Dec 2016



This prestigious gallery in London Bridge plays host to 31 contemporary artists, including myself, and will feature a diverse mix of mediums and styles

Set in the historic Menier Gallery, the winter exhibition will be running from Tuesday 13 – Saturday 17 Dec

Don’t miss this perfect opportunity to come and browse in the warm, and maybe even find that perfect gift for a loved one

The gallery opening times are 11am – 6pm, and is free to enter

Our private view opening night is Tuesday 13th Dec, 18:00 – 20:30. To sign up for free tickets visit the Focus LDN facebook page 


focus ldn interview, august 18, 2016


focus ldn logo 2

Focus LDN is a London based platform, specialising in interdisciplinary arts events around the capital. This includes exhibitions, an online shop and gallery as well as art classes and specialist talks.

Founder Tom Cox approached me at this years Urban Art Fair, and asked if I’d like to be one of 20 artists chosen for his next exhibition in October called ‘The Londoner’s Compass’ at the prestigious Strand Gallery in central London.

We arranged a meet up, where he asked me a few questions about me and my work, and it reads like this….


This week we grab a coffee with graphic artist Jamie Twyman to chat about his entrance into the art world.

Your work contains technological motifs within the human figure. Is there a broader significance to this? A comment on society perhaps?

I use technology and machinery in my work, not only to contrast the human figure, but to highlight the ever increasing use of machines in our lives. I’m also fascinated as to where our technology might end up, with new break throughs on the horizon…

Did you go to art school?

No, I only studied up to A-level at a technological school. I was encouraged to pursue art as a degree, but for some reason I decided not to.

Are you happy to have progressed in the way you did, without being changed by someone else’s opinions?

Definitely, though I feel like if you don’t have a degree in arts or a strong foundation like that you can be left out of a lot of situations, especially when it comes to selling work. People are looking for post-graduates, and people who have studied, so that has been tough as a self-taught artist.

When did you realise you wanted to be an artist?

It’s something I’ve always done since I was very young like 5 or 6, after my A-level experience I didn’t pick a pen or pencil for something like 15 years. It’s only recently, probably the last 2 years that I have decided to have a proper go at it.

Tell us about your work as an event designer.

It’s not my main earner; it’s something I have been trying to get into on a freelance basis for about a year. I’ve been running both my artistic design along with the corporate events design at the same time. My professional background has been in live events, either as a technician, or later, in some design work. It made sense, as I wanted to do 3D design, to go into an industry that I know and have a background in.

Are you full time now?

Not quite, I’m nearly there, in terms of revenue its very tough to make a full time living out of art. If I was to do an exhibition every month then yes it could be possible, but certainly not yet.

Which artist’s work do you take the most inspiration from?

That’s a tough one, but I’m quite into Syd Mead who is like an industrial futurist, and Bryan Olson who is a collage artist; those two would be my main source of inspiration.

Why digital collage?

When I did an album cover for a friend who was releasing an LP I decided to use it as I had dabbled with it before. Prior to that I had done some hand cut collage work, but as the technology has developed in the last five years I have really found that I have been able to push the boundaries in terms of layering and the complexity of my work.

As your art form is primarily digital it must be an important decision deciding on your printing process.

It is. I use Giclée on archival paper, usually made to order. I’d love to be able to afford a whole run of each image, but unfortunately I don’t have the storage or funds to work that way.

Have you sold a lot through your website?

I’ve sold a few, since February about 10 or so prints.

When did you sell your first artwork?

My first sale was 5 years ago and a friend commissioned a large acrylic canvas and then nothing until my first exhibition, which was this February at the Horsebridge Centre in Whitstable.

What do you think the most pivotal part of your career so far?

I’ve only had two main exhibitions thus far, but I think the Urban Art Fair in Brixton, which was my second, was a great experience. To follow up on the first with an equivalent success was something that made me believe I that I could do this.

It there a specific type of person which your work attracts,

Not necessarily, it has ranged from old men really taking an interest to tiny kids who walk up and are caught by the imagery. It’s probably more personality than the age, which attracts people to my work.

What do you think the hardest thing about being an artist is?

Probably finding inspiration, this can be very hard, and also the ability to change, develop your style and push into new areas. Though I use inspiration from Music and film to get ideas for my work, also life and my daily experience feeds into what I do.

What advice would you give to someone trying to make a career in the arts?

Find your style and what you are good at doing and really try to nail it. There are so many great artists, but you have to find your own voice and get really good at expressing it.


Jamie will be exhibiting his digital collages at our second groundbreaking exhibitionThe Londoner’s Compass this October 18-23, The Strand Gallery

‘Entity’ artwork for Nexus book publication



At this years Urban Art Fair, I was approached by Pete Trainor – author and director of Nexus, the human centred design company.

He really thought the style of my work would sit nicely alongside the ethos of his forthcoming book entitled ‘HIPPO – The Human Focused Digital Book’

After a few discussions we reached an agreement, and the first run of the book will feature the digital collage ‘Entity’. The first run is due for release this Autumn 2016.

About the book:

‘From London to Laos, Mumbai to Manchester, Nunavut to Nairobi, digital has crept into our lives and so deeply has it penetrated us, that it has completely redesigned it. Hill stations in Nepal’s Himalaya, desert posts in Africa’s savannahs, in the deep oceans and the high sky’s, technology is now as elemental in our landscape and as much a part of the ether as the wind and falling rain. It’s not going to stop.

Due to the natural breath of evolution, and the way civilisations progress, we are about to zip-line, and thus: observe more change in the next ten years, than of the last hundred. But how do we stop this accelerating transformation from eroding away our good qualities? Our humanity? The answers rest in the design process, but when has philosophy and psychology ever been considered in the design stage of digital?

Revisiting the fundamental questions, and incorporating the philosophical fields as well as finally considering the biological ramifications of digital design, we are able to press pause and re-evaluate our direction, and re-align with a course – one that is in flow and is able to cater toward our potential as people, encourage us on, through… and into the beyond. Keep consuming? Or become active? Enlightenment or entitlement? The choice is still ours.’

A1 Open Exhibition


a1 cerise 3 web.img_assist_custom-300x425

Following up from a successful Urban Art Fair, comes the A1 Open Exhibition, Whitstable, Kent.

I will exhibiting 2 pieces throughout the duration ‘REM cycle’ and ‘Hand of War’, both will be on public view at the Horsebridge Centre 22 July – 7 August 2016 alongside hundreds of other artists submissions, all A1 sized.

The exhibition that brings together a breadth of mediums and styles, a great showcase rich with talent. The exhibition includes photographs, oil paintings, etchings, screen prints, drawings, textile work, glass and street art.

My 2 pieces will be available to buy as limited edition giclee prints or simply to come and view.


 Horsebridge Open Day 01

New limited edition prints available now



In preparation for this July’s Urban Art Fair, I have 4 new pieces available to buy as limited edition Giclée prints.

All are size A3 with 3mm mount border, on Hahnemeuhle archive paper.

INTI-M8 copy WMEach Print is one of 50, numbered and signed.

Prints are £60 each and available to buy here: 

Prints will be available for slightly less at the art fair! Come and find me on stand 15J

















Digital Collage – by Jamie Twyman (Blog for Up and Coming Art)


This is a copy of my first blog for Up and Coming Art online platform:

Digital Collage by Jamie Twyman

For the last few years I have been doing something I never thought I’d find myself doing – using a computer in my artistic process. In the past I have very much been anti-technology when it comes to being creative, using more traditional methods of painting, drawing and handmade collage.

It started with wanting more control over my collage work. Once you cut out an image from a book or magazine, that’s it. It comes in that one size, colour, shape – and never to be duplicated. Having the ability to scale, re-position, change layer and more has meant more creative freedom for me.

This also means the books from which I use as source material are kept preserved and not defaced or vandalised, as each book is scanned and saved. Although this takes a long time to do, it is well worth the effort.




Above is an example of a simple photo study I took of my hand, through the layering process of the collage, to final work.

Digital collage or ‘e’collage (electronic), is a term used to describe the use of computers in the cutting and pasting process.

The difference between digital collage and photomontage, is that in a digital collage the artist usually works to make it clear that the finished image has been made by “pasting” different images together.   

This is true of what I aim to achieve – a tangible finish often seeming un-polished. This adds a level of ‘realness’ to the collage, for example some scans show the print from the next page through the image, which I really like.

Collage as a medium has been recognised as not really emerging until after 1900, along with early modernism. There are now many forms and variations such as Decoupage, wood collage, mosaic, prolage, rollage, and 3D collage.

Articulos_electricos_para_el_hogar_-_Grete_Stern,_1950As technology and computers have improved in recent years, they have become a necessity in the design industry, and have also infiltrated the art world.
For me however, it’s important to maintain artistic practices, and not let the technology take over or dictate where the work ends up.

Any computer ultimately should be used as a tool to help you achieve your creative goal.

(Left: A 1950 photomontage by Grete Stern)


Selection to ‘Up And Coming Art’ online gallery


Really pleased to have been asked to join the online platform for new and emerging artists –


The site was set up a few years ago by Sue Stitt, an art lover who wanted to promote new talent in the form of an online gallery and shop.

The site features about 20 artists from all over the country, with varying styles and mediums. The site also put on exhibitions to help promote artists featured on the site.

A selection of my limited edition prints are available to buy through the site. Please click the link below to see my online collection:

Urban Art Fair, Brixton. Sat 9th- Sun 10th July 2016 – 10am-6pm


After 2 years of waiting, I’m pleased to say I will be exhibiting my work at this years Urban Art Fair.

Now in it’s 15th year, the fair has over 200 artists and attracts exhibitors and visitors from all over the country.


The exhibitors range from painters and screen printers, to photographers and graffers. The weekend (weather depending) has a real festival feel, as Josephine Avenue comes alive with creativity, food stalls and live art.


The fair runs the weekend 9th-10th July 2016, 10am-6pm both days.

You can find me on stand 15j in the pedestrian only area.

I will exhibiting some previous work, as well as parts of a new collection.

Limited prints will be available to buy.

My good friend Fodos Skordi will also be exhibiting at the fair, you’ll find him situated on stand 21j

For more info visit: